Our production

Solutions adapted to your needs 

The complexity of parts that we encounter in certain sectors such as the aeronautics, energy or medical industries, sometimes requires the production of several types of mold. The wax model injection mold, the central tool of your projects can be accompanied by:

  • Injection molds with coolants for solid parts
  • Soluble or ceramic core injection mold for cavities
  • Feeder system injection mold for the implementation of the foundry process

realisation-mouleAs the mold is at the core of our business, we also offer all the equipment necessary for quality production.

  • Wax reformer
  • Fixture assembly
  • Type of storage
  • Machine assembly
  • ...

Our high speed 3 or 5-axis machining capabilities, necessary for our production enable us to respond to machining needs as subcontractors.